Sleep in 60 sec - Design Doc

Thank you for everyone how has reached out and given feedback on Insomniacs.

I'm now developing the 48hr GMTK Game Jam game into a more full experience and would love to get your feedback.

The main mechanic could go two ways;
  1. Groundhog day, sleep loop mechanic, little direction to player, repeat same few minutes as you unravel what's going on.
  2. OR Survival game with permadeath - you complete the whole game in one go, and unravel some mystery. 

What I do know is what the story and lore will be about.

As the game is based on exploration the story will revolve around a mystery, this is something I'll talk more about in the future, but am keen to avoid any spoilers.

The game will receive several updates, all for free until the final product is released.

Thank you for your support - and I would love your feedback on the main game mechanic.



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