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Insomniacs: Get Some Sleep

Fall asleep in 60 seconds.

UPDATE: v1.5 

  • New full island to explore
  • New soundtrack and sound effects 
  • 5 unique locations.

Coming in v2.0 clear objectives, voice acting, cut scenes.  

Falling asleep over and over makes Insomniacs: Get some sleep a new take on the survival genre.

“The mechanic is that you fall asleep in a couple of minutes, repeating this cycle as you unravel the mystery of what is causing the insomnia and how you can put your anxieties to rest.”


  • Haughtily beautiful - synth sleep soundtrack
  • Groundhog day mechanic of falling asleep every few minutes.
  • Find food and drink to stay awake and extend your playthrough. 
  • Unravel the mystery of what is causing the insomnia and how you can put your anxieties to rest.
  • Walking simulator exploration game.

Game in pre-alpha build, new release coming soon, follow the game to get notifications.

Made by The Appreciative Minimalist


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Insomniacs Get Some Sleep GMTK Game Jam v1.0 Mac 175 MB
Insomniacs Get Some Sleep GMTK Game Jam v1.0 PC 165 MB
Insomniacs Get Some Sleep v1.5 Mac 195 MB
Insomniac Get Some Sleep v1.5 PC 185 MB

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This game- I can't describe it. The visuals are a masterpiece. What music there is is phenomenal. Yet, this amazing concept and intriguing world holds nothing of substance and is riddled with game breaking bugs (can't pick up boat key). I want to love this game so much yet after 4 attempts I am at a loss. Can't wait to see how this project develops.

I like the game, despite being hard, cool idea and graphics !!!

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The visuals and audio are great.

What I'd change:

  • While it is atmospheric, I didn't have a clue of what I was supposed to do. I assume you need to do something the boat when you find a key to it? But I can't find the key. There could be more notes or similar cues in the start of the game in the first path that could give vague hints of what to find and where you could find it.
  • When you are tired, the closing and opening of the eyes feel slightly annoying to look at even though it does add emphasis to the feel of being tired. I'd prefer if it was a simple gradual whole screen transition to no vision and vision instead of the flickering.

Bugs: You can get stuck on the rock next to the chair on the hill that leads to the river.

Good job with the game!

Really, really like this aesthetic! Will be following with great interest. Cheers on a job very well done so far! 

I've updated the game with a complete new island in a new build v1.5

The second I opened up the game I fell in love with the aesthetics! I was simply mesmerized by the surroundings. I really like the concept of the game, the intro was great, the vibe of the game is perfect,  the sound design was very clean and the titles were very smooth! The only problem I had was that I wasn't really sure what to do. I still don't really know if there's a story/objective to this game. None the less I really enjoyed playing the game and I would love to see more of this in the future! Awesome job!


Hi Andy, awesome  channel!

An update is coming out soon:

  • Rebuilt island with clear objectives
  • 5 distinct areas
  • Enhanced visual clarity
  • All new soundtrack

And more to be announced soon.

Thanks!! I appreciate that!

That's awesome! I'll keep an eye out for the update! I'm excited to see what it's gonna be like! ;D

Unfortunately I really wanna try this out, but I'll need to do so after the voting period as I have 3 really weird glitches

1) The logo sequence (which is very cool, I must add) constantly repeats in a run

2) For SOME REASON, my countdown is completely wrong and it takes like 5 seconds for the timer to count down by 1 second. I have a 144Hz monitor, but I also tried the game on a spare 60Hz monitor and I have the same issue. The timer progresses extremely slowly (and sometimes not at all, like it jumped from 51 to 15 after 2 minutes of running around, then it hung around there), and I am really sorry that I'm not able to experience the game as intended!

3) I can't un fullscreen the game or change resolutions, there are no longer any options for it? I switched to my 1080p 60Hz second monitor by making the application windowed in settings, dragging the window open, then applying fullscreen, but now the game loads on that monitor and won't become a window when windowed??

Overall, really great atmosphere from what I played. It's not your fault that my PC refuses to want this game to work but from what I played, it ran smoothly, looks gorgeous, and has a really nice soundtrack with a nice gameplay mechanic.

I'd love to be able to record these issues but I can't as I need to put it into windowed mode to move it back to the primary monitor that Shadowplay records

Hi Harry, 

Try editing the graphics settings:

  1. Click new game
  2. When it starts press 'esc' to open the menu
  3. Open options and 'graphics settings'
  4. I recommend 1280x800
  5. You can switch fullscreen on and off here
  6. Also try turning down the game quality

Hmm, oddly it doesn't actually list anything in that drop-down at all for me, it's just showing an empty slither the options container when I try to expand it. :<

Try opening the menu when the game is running in the level, the main menu does have a bug where graphics resolution is empty

Looks cool!!


the game's art style is fire but i feel fooled when i find so many bugs on the very first run. for example if you exit spawn point before logo animations finishes than the game will keep repeating logo. some other moment is that i got way too pixelized view. White text on bright colors looks totally not good. Especially  text on pixelized view. Anyway good work for a jam project but not a good if it was a standalone walk simulator

Thanks for the feedback, I've fixed some pixelation issues and working on the title text bug, only appears when the game is built, I hope to update the game after the Game Jam finished as builds are locked for this week.

First: OMG i love this art style

Then: WTF this is not just a walking simulator?!

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Happy to hear you feedback on what you expected to play.

I really like your art style and audio !

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Thanks for playing the game, you first attempt followed the perfect path through the game! Amazing